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Tram systems in Adelaide

About Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia, and Australia's fifth-most populous city. The city is named after Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, queen consort to King William IV, and was founded in 1836 as the planned capital of the freely-settled British province in Australia.

Overview of public transport in Adelaide

Adelaide is served by two airports, Adelaide Airport is located 6km west of the city center and handles both domestic and international flights. The second airport is Parafield Airport, which is located 18km north of the city. The main rail station in Adelaide serves inter-state services to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Darwin and there is also a surburban network composed of 6 lines Belair Line, Gawler Line, Grange Line, Outer Harbor Line, Seaford Line and Tonsley Line.

The main focus of Adelaide's local public transport network is the extensive fleet of diesel and natural gas powered buses. There is also a three line tram network, which is detailed below.

Adelaide's current tram system

Adelaide has a network of three lines. Two of them start at the beach-side suburb of Glenelg and run to destinations in the city centre and the third runs between the Botanical Gardens and Entertainment Centre. A large part of the network is based on routes of the old Adelaide and Glenelg Railway, which dates back to the early 1870s. The line was updated from a standard rail system to tramways in 1929 and has undergone a series of extensions since the begining of the 21st Century.

Adelaide currently has 3 tram lines, details of which can be found on the Lines tab

Adelaide tram lines

Adelaide currently has 3 tram lines, which are listed below. To see more information about a particular line, click on the link in the table below (where applicable).

Line Description
BTANIC The BTANIC line runs from the Botanic Gardens to the Entertainment Centre.
FESTVL The FESTVL line runs from Glenelg to Festival Plaza.
GLNELG The GLNELG line runs from Glenelg to Royal Adelaide Hospital.