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Welcome to Tram.Zone

Welcome to Tram.Zone, a message from Tom

When I set up Tram.Zone in 2016, my initial plan for it was somewhere to blog about my various tram related trips and also a forum for other tram fans, as I hadn't found a tram specific forum anywhere else. Unfortunately, serious illness in late 2017 has prevented me from undertaking any further trips or working on the website. With my health now starting to improve, I have decided to get back to "work" on the site and as I am still not up to travelling to make videos, I've decided to take the site in a different direction, as well as using it as somewhere to hone my PHP and MySQL skills.

My idea now is to build a "one stop shop" for tram enthusiasts, covering everything tram and light rail related. The aim is to provide detailed information on past, current and future tram systems throughout the world, including details of the cities that have tram systems, details of the lines and stops on those systems, the rail cars that they run and their manufacturers, and links to timetables and websites of the operating companies. This is obviously going to take time and money to build, so it will be a long-term project that is updated as and when possible. You can find details of the current status below and track progress on the progress page.

Trams in the different continents

Tram systems can be found in cities on 6 of the 7 continents (unsurprisingly, there are none in Antarctica). To view the countries where tram systems exist (or existed) for a particular countinent, please use one of the links below to go to that particular continent's page.