Tram.Zone - Information on tram systems worldwide.

Tram.Zone implementation progress

April 2019

I am now working my way through the countries alphabetically, adding in basic information about each city and their tram lines. So far, Algeria, Argentina and Aruba are completed and Australia is in progress.

March 2019

Since the last update, I have added all of the lines in Zürich, Neuchâtel and Bern and am working on Basel. I have decided to work county by country, city by city, getting the lines documented along with brief details of the stops. I will add in more details for the stops pages later.

February 2019

Over the last few weeks, I have made a large amount of progress. I now have template pages set up for countries, cities and lines and have started creating the actual content for Zürich and its lines. Once I have finished with the lines I will create content for some of the larger stops as well. I am still to decide on my approach to ongoing development and whether to work horizontally (i.e. do all country level pages, then cities, and then lines and stops) or vertically (work on a specific country and do all the lines and stops for each city in that country, one city at a time.

January 2019

After spending a few weeks planning and doing research on the information that is available, the 24th of January marked the start of development, with the layout of the pages finalised, the coding of the PHP to output the various page elements and the creation of the first actual page. Work on the database to store details of the cities, lines and stops was also started.