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Tram systems in Brazil

About Brazil

Brazil is formally known as the Federative Republic of Braziland is the largest country in South America. The federation is composed of 26 states and is the only country in the Americas, and the largest one int the world, to have Portugese as an official language. Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world, with an area of 8,515,767km2 and the 3rd most populous, with a population of 210,147,125 (2019 (estimate)). Brazil's capital is Brasília, and the most populous city is São Paulo.

Trams in Brazil

Historically, Brazil had an extensive system of tram systems located throughout the country and in some cases dating back to the 1860s. There are currently trams in 4 Brazilian cities, Campos do Jordao, Itatinga, Rio de Janeiro and Santos