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Tram systems in Belgium

About Belgium

The Kingdom of Belgium, as Belgium is officially known, is located in Western Europe on the North Sea and is bordered by the Netherlands to the north, Germany to the east, Luxembourg to the southeast and France to the southwest. Belgium is the 136th largest country in the world, with an area of 30,688km2 and the 79th most populous, with a population of 11,420,163 (2018). Belgium's capital is Brussels, which is also the most populous city in the country.

Trams in Belgium

In the prewar years, Belgium had an extensive system of tram-like local railways, known as Buurtspoorweg, which had a greater total route length than the mainline railway system. The majority of the prewar system has been closed and there are currently trams in 5 cities, Antwerp, Belgian coast, Brussels, Charleroi and Ghent.